Frequently Asked Questions

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Will other groups be onsite when we are there?
Yes, there may be other groups onsite while you are here. Most of the time you will only overlap with other guests at meal times.
How do you assign students to accommodations?

Accommodations are assigned based on the size of the guest group. How accommodations are assigned within the individual groups is up to the school / group leader.

Can someone come to our school and host a parent presentation for our upcoming trip?

At this time, we are unable to send staff for in-person presentations. We can share a Muskoka Woods PowerPoint presentation that can be used by group leaders to present to parents/guardians.

Does Muskoka Woods provide health care or first aid to guests?
The health care of guests is the responsibility of the groups onsite. We do not have a Health Care Center at Muskoka Woods from September to June. Muskoka Woods has staff on site who are trained in basic first aid and can provide small items like ice and bandaids as needed. We cannot provide any drugs or medicine like Tylenol or Advil.

Group leaders are responsible for the health of guests and the administration of any medicine. Likewise, if a guest requires medical attention, group leaders are responsible for transportation of the guest to a local clinic or hospital. Muskoka Woods can provide directions to the nearest location.

For this reason, all groups must ensure they have access to a vehicle while on site – other than the busses the guests arrived on.

Does Muskoka Woods provide overnight security for groups?
No, Muskoka Woods does not provide overnight supervision/security for guests. Group leaders/teachers are responsible for all supervision of guests while in free time, cabins, meal times, overnight, etc.

If overnight security is something you are interested in pursuing for your group, Muskoka Woods can provide a contact list of third-party security companies some groups have chosen to use in the past. This is the responsibility of the guest group to arrange.

Can I pick my VIP (teacher/leaders) accommodations/get the same ones as last time?

Teacher accommodations fluctuate based on what’s available at the time of booking and their proximity to student accommodations. We are not able to promise specific accommodation in advance. We can ensure that all accommodations have heating, air conditioning and air filtration. All teacher accommodations are free of charge.


My child is currently at your camp (on a school trip, youth retreat, etc). I would like to talk to them/send them a message/have them call me back.

The school/group your child came with determines if and when students are able to call home. If you are looking to speak with your child directly and you can’t reach the leader/teacher of the group your child came with, you can call the office on (705) 732-4373 and we can take a message and let the head teacher/group leader know that you are looking to get in contact with your child.

Facility & Safety Enhancements

What has been updated? Is it true all cabins have air conditioning and heating?

Yes! All cabins now have air conditioning for hotter months and are fully heated in winter. When it’s not too hot or cold we’ll have screened windows open for fresh air and ventilation. As well, each cabin will also have a HEPA filter installed to improve air quality. HEPA filters will purify the air from allergens, pathogens, pollen and dust. We have made a number of additional facility enhancements including: new mattresses for all bunks, a deep cleaning of all guest spaces, added outdoor dining space and wide access to handwashing stations.

Are there HEPA filters in cabins?
Yes! Each cabin will have a standalone HEPA Filter installed. Recommended to improve air quality, they will purify the air of allergens, pathogens, pollen, and dust.
What safety-related modifications are being considered for the programs running in 2023?
We will ensure that all provincial guidance is being followed for both youth and adult guest groups.
How will you check and see that incoming staff and guests are healthy?

All guests will be monitored daily in accordance with government and Public Health guidelines in place at the time.

What if a guest starts to show symptoms while at camp?
In the event that a guest begins to show cold or flu-like symptoms while at the Resort, they will be asked to return home. Group leaders are responsible for arranging ill guests’ transportation home and communicating with parents/guardians. Muskoka Woods will provide temporary isolation for ill guests as they await transportation home. Group leaders must arrange for transportation home within 6-hours of symptoms if a guest is needing to isolate.
Who are you getting advice from regarding safety?

Our Medical Advisory Committee (consisting of doctors and other health care professionals, health care centre director, epidemiologist) has guided the ongoing development of our COVID protocols and procedures. We have been in direct contact with government agencies and experts in the field to get the best input into our response including The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, and the Ontario Government. 

I have medicine that needs to be refrigerated. Will my accommodation have a fridge?

Some of our leader/teacher accommodations do have fridges. However, if you or your child is in an accommodation without a fridge, we can store the medication in our kitchen fridge.

If storing medication in the kitchen, please ensure the medication is in a bag labelled with your first name, last name, and school name. When you arrive, please drop off your medication in the Main Office. When medication is needed, please either go to the kitchen doors (during meal times) or the Main Office (outside of meal times) so our staff can give you your bag.

Camp Store

What is available in the Camp Store?
The Camp Store provides guests at Muskoka Woods with a way to take home memories of their time at camp. At The Camp Store, we love hearing about a customer’s favourite sweater and seeing their collection grow with each year’s new designs and inventory. We offer clothing, hats and bags as well as treats and snacks.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, debit, Visa and MasterCard payments.
When is the Camp Store open?
Most often, the Camp Store is open during lunch and dinner times for school groups and on Saturday afternoons for weekend groups.

Kitchen/Food Service

Do you offer special diets or meals for people with allergies?

We are able to provide gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan meal options as long as you inform us ahead of time. Our kitchen can be reached at if you would like to speak with them in advance about your needs.

Can I bring my own food? I have a specific allergy or diet that does not allow me to eat Muskoka Woods Meals.

Have you spoken with our Special Diets Coordinator? You can contact them at They will help determine if our kitchen is able to provide meals for your specific needs.

Can I bring my own snacks?

All meals are provided by Muskoka Woods during your stay in addition to snacks. Guests may choose to bring their own snacks to supplement meals. Please ensure that any food brought on site is peanut and nut free.

Please do not bring snacks intended to be shared for an entire group and please do not bring any food or snacks that needs to be refrigerated.

Do we provide additional meals if schools/groups show up late/early?

No, sorry we cannot do that. Our kitchen is unable to provide meals to schools/groups outside of their contract agreements (i.e. early arrivals or late departures); we simply don’t have the extra food or time on hand.

We suggest that, if you believe your school will arrive earlier, you either stop on the way to grab lunch or have your group members pack lunch for the ride up. Similarly, we cannot provide meals for late stays beyond those agreed in the contract. We suggest that schools/groups stop at a restaurant/fast food location on their ride home.

Can we bring our own meals?

No, due to health and safety standard requirements, we cannot allow you to bring meals from other establishments on our property to serve to your students.