The Leadership Studio

Leaders are people who look at their world and say “It doesn’t have to be this way,” and do something about it.

The Studio sits on the beautiful shores of Lake Rosseau, surrounded by the pristine Muskoka wilderness. Wheelchair accessible, and energy-efficient, the 4,000-foot building is heated by three fireplaces strategically placed throughout. Though every corner of the Studio is designed as useful teaching space, guests never see it as a classroom; it is a cozy and inviting place to relax with friends, classmates or colleagues.

Within the space you’ll find a hands-on art studio, a 1,000-volume leadership library, a meeting room, and both indoor and outdoor amphitheatre-style seating spaces that can convert into a stage, or gallery space, or indoor program area, or anything you can dream of!

You’ll also find indoor and outdoor comfy spaces for unwinding and debriefing, and a central kitchen for baking bread and sharing snacks. Along with almost 1,000 acres of recreational space, there are endless ways to use the Studio for your team’s leadership journey.

Experiential Learning

The Leadership Studio offers a breadth of experiential programs designed to challenge your group or team in core areas of leadership and team building. Designed in conjunction with Eagle’s Flight, these programs are exclusive to Muskoka Woods and are proven to strengthen groups in core leadership and teamwork skills. Each program focuses on one or multiple leadership values, and most can be tailored to youth or adults.

Each program reinforces our core values: friendship, confidence and creativity. The Leadership Studio is located in the heart of Muskoka Woods so groups have access to all the amenities and activities of Canada’s premier youth development organization, subject to availability.

High quality accommodations when booking the Leadership Studio

When your group is using the Leadership Studio, modern and comfortable accommodations are just a short distance away. The Hillside Inn, located adjacent to the Leadership Studio, provides a place to put your feet up at the end of day.

Accommodations are allocated based on numerous factors. The images here are representative of all of our accommodations for teachers and leaders but your accommodation may have small differences from those pictured here.

Leadership Studio Pricing