Programs & Experiences for Students and Groups

Programs, led by Muskoka Woods staff, for your school or group to Enjoy.

Building trust, improved communication and of course, having lots of fun together are just a few of the benefits of programs led by Muskoka Woods staff.


Duration: 30-40mins  |  Participants: Unlimited

This program can involve an entire school at once. It is an outdoor program and can be run at three different locations. Staff have a campfire lit for when guests arrive, and lead them in a series of songs, skits, games and challenges.

Wheelchair Accessible

Capture the Flag

Duration: 30-60mins  |  Participants: Unlimited

This is a field game that can be played with any number of participants. A staff member is present to facilitate the rules, run the game, and keep the game flowing. Guests can play capture the flag at any point in the evening.

Fire and Ice

Duration: 60mins  |  Participants: Unlimited  |  Winter Only

This program operates similar to capture the flag. There are two teams, and two zones. Each team has a campfire in their zone. The goal is to put out the opposing team’s fire.

Four Corners

Duration: 30-60mins  |  Participants: Unlimited

This is a field game that can be played with any number of participants. A staff member is present to facilitate the rules, run the game, and keep the game flowing. This game operates almost like a four way capture the flag. Guests are in 4 teams, have their own boundaries, and have to collect the most items for their teams. Staff can issue different challenges in order to mix up the game.

Fun x 10000

Duration: 60-120mins  |  Participants: Unlimited

This program is designed to have a mixed varitey of games for guests to participate in. Guests are divided into teams and will compete in different challenges for points. Teachers can become involved by participating at a judges table.

Wheelchair Accessible

Open Mic Night

Duration: 60-120mins  |  Participants: Unlimited

This program combines dance, karaoke and trivia into one alternating activity. The program is broken up into segments that rotate in order to keep guests engaged and have fun.

Wheelchair Accessible

Leadership Experiences, facilitated by Muskoka Woods staff, for your development.

The Leadership Studio was purpose-built to engage you and your group in developing leadership skills. Our team will work with you to recommend programs to ensure good connection to your group outcomes. Research shows participatory learning is the best way to both remember and apply leadership learning.

Arctic Pursuit

Duration: 3hrs
Participants: 5-150
Outcomes: Planning, Adaptability, Decision Making

This Eagles Flight simulation teaches the importance of leveraging every member of your team to leverage every possible opportunity.

Bopper Bag & Gyroscopes

Duration: 2hrs
Participants: 1-50
Outcomes: Resiliency, Team Bonding

In this fun but insightful kids toys themed experience we explore the wisdom of having multiple supports in place so that when we get knocked over we can get back up.

Cadence Challenge

Duration: 2hrs
Participants: 5-150
Outcomes: Cadence, Coaching

This fun and creative experience demonstrates that there are stages a team must progress through before they are ready to perform consistently and brilliantly.

Coffee Tasting

Duration: 2hrs
Participants: 1-30
Outcomes: Focus on Details, Ethical Considerations

The ability to “truly notice” is a key leadership capacity. This could involve noticing a colleague’s lack of participation, an untapped opportunity or a social justice issue that could be addressed in this generation. Coffee lovers and haters alike will develop a new appreciation for the nuanced differences of history, aroma and flavour in the simple coffee bean and its glorious end product – a freshly roasted, perfectly ground and lovingly French Pressed cup of java.


Duration: 2hrs
Participants: 4-125
Outcomes: Communication, Equal Onus

“The art of communication is the language of leadership” (James Humes) This deceptively simple activity beautifully demonstrates the challenges we come up against when it comes to effective communication. It highlights the importance of common language, fresh perspectives and equal onus.

Core Strengths/Inner Critic

Duration: 2hrs
Participants: 1-50
Outcomes: Resiliency, Strengths Awareness

We all have an inner critic. It’s that little voice that tells us what we cannot do and mocks us when we seek to step up or out. We also have a powerful ally against this insidious inner critic: core strengths. We can learn to use these strengths to tell the critic to stand down. This transformative experience involves simple art projects and powerful conversation.

Council of the Marble Star

Duration: 3hrs
Participants: 12-120
Outcomes: Building Relationships, Perception

This Eagles Flight Inc. simulation reminds us that one of the most challenging parts of leadership is knowing how to balance results and relationships, talent and trust, tasks and people. This experience gives the opportunity to practice this balance. The insights are often transformational.

Draft Day

Duration: 2hrs
Participants: 28-168
Outcomes: Good is the Enemy of the Great

This Eagles Flight Sports themed experience provides opportunities to practice the skills needed to build a high performing team.

Firatora Transit

Duration: 2hrs
Participants: 5-15
Outcomes: Problem Solving, Effective Communication

This fast-paced and challenging experience forces team members to communicate and cooperate in a way that few short exercises can. Can we move the mole through ‘his’ tunnels from one port to another, thus ensuring the transfer of information needed to break the spy ring? Only those skilled at communication and execution, who don’t crash under pressure, can.

Fire Rescue Challenge

Duration: 2hrs
Participants: 5-30
Outcomes: Decision Making, Effective Teamwork

The chaos of complete darkness, flashes of orange flame against the walls, dense smoke, loud noise and only seconds to find the occupants trapped in one of the rooms. Split-second decisions are the norm, but not just any decision; the right decision can mean the difference between life and death. In this fast-paced experience, your team will enter a simulated burning building wearing Turnout Suits, dragging hoses, and trying to remain in contact with your chief. Your task? Rescue the occupants and extinguish the fire, all while preserving your own lives.

Gold of the Desert Kings

Duration: 3hrs
Participants: 4-50
Outcomes: What’s possible? vs What’s required?

Team based activity where groups must plan their route through the desert and return back to home. The goal is to make as much gold as they can while ensuring they have enough food & water so they don’t die in the desert.

Group of Seven

Duration: 2hrs
Participants: 1-50
Outcomes: Power of Influence, Noticing vs Seeing

Tom Thompson and the Group of 7 were influenced, but not inhibited, by the art world of their day. Daring to believe there was something distinctive about Canada and themselves as Canadian artists, they started a movement that would become iconic. Set in a reproduction Group of 7 art camp overlooking Lake Rosseau, this spectacular adventure combines the ability to truly “see” and reproduce while reflecting on the power of influence and persistence.

Mabinogion Bridge

Duration: 3hrs
Participants: 10-50
Outcomes: Bridge Building leadership, Benchmarking

In this hands-on Leadership Studio foundational activity, we not only build a bridge, we also discover the skills necessary to be bridge-building leaders.

NASCAR Pit Crew Challenge

Duration: 3hrs
Participants: 5-72
Outcomes: Effective Teamwork, Goal Setting

NASCAR racing has emerged as a leading example of “team-based” execution. Today’s crews demonstrate highly-planned activity during each and every pit stop. While assuming the roles of a typical NASCAR pit crew, participants will get plenty of opportunities to hone the skills crucial to team execution.

Old Story New Story

Duration: 2hrs
Participants: 1-50
Outcomes: Resiliency, Self Reflection

Our life experiences are what make us who we are. Good leaders are able to look back at where they have been and know what to bring with them and what to leave behind. In this reflective activity, we will look at where we’ve been and where we want to go.

Promises Promises

Duration: 3hrs
Participants: 15-150
Outcomes: Switching focus from Me to We, Trust

The Hanseatic League was an economic alliance of trading cities and their merchant guilds that dominated trade along the coast of Northern Europe. As the leaders of your cities, you must keep the promises you made to your electorate and help your fellow politicians keep theirs, recognizing there may be alliances and scandal along the way! Communicating well, a global focus and a trusting environment are the keys to Rise of the Hansa.


Duration: 2hrs
Participants: 8-20
Outcomes: Systems Thinking, Conflict Resolution

This activity brings “pulling strings” to a whole new level. It sounds simple enough: pick up a bottle and move it to the edge without knocking it over. Four corners, eight strings. Sometimes pulling, sometimes easing off. Is your team up to the challenge of the Pyramid? Conflict resolution can quickly become a main teaching point.

S’mores & Storytelling

Duration: 2hrs
Participants: 1-50
Outcomes: Using Storytelling to communicate effectively, Creativity

Nothing says camp like sitting around the campfire telling stories and eating s’mores. This deceptively simple experience has lessons for us all: overcoming a fear of speaking in front of others, mastering the components of an effective story, or discovering the organizational stories that will unite and motivate your team.

Shackleton (Winter Only)

Duration: 3hrs
Participants: 5-25
Outcomes: Resiliency, Contingency Planning

Ernest Shackleton is considered one of the greatest leaders of all time that never achieved one of his goals. When his ship got stuck in packed ice on the way to the South Pole, he had to revert to Plan B, then C, then D. This outdoor winter experience focuses leaders’ thinking on resilience, flexibility and contingency planning with strategies and principles that will be instantly transferrable to other contexts. Please note: this seasonal experience can also be done as a full-day to two-day winter exercise.


Duration: 3hrs
Participants: 5-60
Outcomes: Benchmarking, Focus on Details

A teambuilding activity that requires getting all the right pieces in all the right places and constant ‘tweaking’ to ensure you hit your target.