10 Reasons Why Muskoka Woods is the Perfect Destination for Your Next School Trip

Forget the tired trips to amusement parks — Muskoka Woods’ Schools and Groups program offers guests an experience they’ll never forget! Not only will young people in your group leave with a better understanding of each other, but a trip to Muskoka Woods helps build confidence and can improve the culture in your classroom and throughout your school.

Here are 10 reasons why Muskoka Woods is the perfect destination for your next field trip:

Unparalleled natural beauty

Nestled on the shores of Lake Rosseau in the beautiful Muskoka Lakes region, Muskoka Woods boasts over 1,000 wooded acres, allowing young people to be immersed in nature and helping them to completely unplug from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A wide range of activities

One of the things that sets Muskoka Woods apart as the ultimate school trip destination is the wide array of seasonal activities on offer including high ropes, archery, creative arts, nature hikes, tennis and thrilling rides on the giant swing, to name just a few! Among the winter activities are options like tubing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and the indoor climbing wall. Through the activities on offer, students challenge themselves, learn how to work as part of a team, and build confidence and leadership skills.

Experienced and certified staff

Also unmatched at Muskoka Woods is the staff, comprising the best and the brightest young adults from around the world, who are ready to ensure that guests have a safe and enjoyable experience. Staff training includes certification in occupational health and safety; emergency preparedness and procedure; customer service standards; youth culture and development; training that focuses on specific age groups; and insights from child protection experts.

Positive, inclusive and accessible environment

Muskoka Woods provides a welcoming and inclusive environment to all youth. The dedicated staff work to hold up the organization’s core values of acceptance and protection by building a sense of community where students feel safe to be themselves. Instructors build a foundation of fun and understanding so that guests can forge new and deeper friendships, realize their potential and gain self-confidence. Muskoka Woods takes pride in being one of the most accessible camp destinations in Ontario. Many of the accommodations and facilities are wheelchair accessible and several rooms are equipped with platform wheelchair lifts. And if a student requires a parent or personal support worker (PSW) during their stay, the parent or PSW can attend at no charge.

Programs that work for you

Muskoka Woods works directly with you to meet your goals according to your students’/group’s ages and preferences, as well as your school’s priorities. Muskoka Woods will also help schools and groups plan out their schedule/itinerary.

State-of-the-art facilities

Upon arrival you will be struck by the modern and well-maintained facilities including comfortable cabins that sleep 10-14 guests (most of which have washrooms and individual showers within the cabins), inviting recreational spaces, and cool extras that Muskoka Woods offers like the ropes course that greets guests on their way into the camp.

Educational opportunities

School trips, in general, are a great way to motivate students to learn, inspired as they are by new surroundings and experiences that allow them to hone new skills. But at Muskoka Woods, the spectacular natural setting lends itself specifically to environmental education and the development of outdoor skills, which build confidence in students that carries over into their academics.

A strong focus on safety

Muskoka Woods prides itself on keeping your students/group safe. Safety is a top priority, which is achieved through a rigorously trained leadership team, and a hiring team that has received Praesidium Academy training, the global leader in child risk management. Muskoka Woods also partners with Plan to Protect, the Canadian experts in child abuse prevention and child protection. Our high ropes staff also receive comprehensive ropes training and Level 1 Ropes Certification provided by AdventureWorks Inc..

Convenient location

Part of the transformative power of Muskoka Woods is its spectacular natural setting on the shores of Lake Rosseau, in Ontario’s cottage country, which is accessible to many Ontario schools and groups by a short(ish!) bus ride.

Stellar reviews and testimonials

Muskoka Woods’ Schools and Groups program began when some teachers from the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School board planned a trip for their students in 1994. The positive impact that their two-night stay at Muskoka Woods had on the students was so profound that the school has continued the tradition to this day. Currently, every student in the board has the opportunity to attend Muskoka Woods.

“I watched one of my students go from student to student leader at Muskoka Woods,” explains a teacher from the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board.

If you are planning a trip for your school or group, the spectacular surroundings, expert staff, extensive variety of activities, and the comfortable accommodations should put Muskoka Woods at the top of your list. Students will come away with heightened leadership skills, new-found self-confidence, and a host of new friends, strengthening classrooms and the school community as a whole.

Visit schools.muskokawoods.com for more information or to book your next Schools and Groups visit.

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